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Millions follow the Fit Bottomed Girls website and social media accounts to help keep a lid on the junk in the trunk and have a positive body image, but now there's a new way to get your dose of Fit Bottomed inspiration: the official FBG Podcast! Featuring editors from all of the Fit Bottomed sites -- including Girls, Mamas, Eats and Zen -- and regular co-host Margo Donohue, each episode will inspire you to live a healthier and happier life with just a bit more confidence and humor. From interviews with a whole slew of experts on fitness, health, nutrition, meditation, food and more, plus real talk from the FBGs, each episode will be brimming with awesome and authentic discussion, tips and the info you need to truly be healthy inside and out.
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Jan 15, 2017

The newest ep of the Fit Bottomed Girls podcast is ready to download/stream now!

Episode 19 with Molly Sims

FBGs Margo and Kristen had the splendid opportunity to speak with 90s supermodel Molly Sims as she talked about how she keeps healthy with a busy family life (she was pregnant with baby number 3 at the time of this interview!) and how being scrutinized so harshly in show business has affected her self image.

This turned out to be one of the more candid interviews we have had thus far as Molly told us how she struggles with body positivity and feels vulnerable to how she is being judged in the media.

Molly also talks about her best skin care and fashion advice. Plus, she discusses the pressure young women feel on social media. (“Step away from the Facetune!”)

Also in this episode, Margo and Kristen discuss their own tips for overcoming negative self talk along with their top three style icons.

Topics covered in our interview:

  • Molly’s favorite gummy vitamins from Nature's Bounty for hair, skin and nails
  • Her bouts with melasma (“pregnancy mask”) and how she treats it
  • How she went from a simple girl from Kentucky to an international high fashion model
  • The negative reaction she initially received from New York model agents
  • Molly’s favorite magazines and supermodels from her youth
  • Her tips for wearing the best fashion styles, no matter your age or size
  • The differences between her third pregnancy versus what she experienced before
  • How the beauty world has changed since she tried the “heroin chic” look

Be sure to follow Molly on Twitter @MollyBSims, YouTube and Instagram.    

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